Papercut: The Nyack Library Podcast

Tune into the Nyack Library’s monthly podcast Papercut. Every themed episode, we’ll get together to discuss our favorite books, movies, and television; welcome special guests from within and without the library world to add a story or two; feature a bit of local history; and let everyone know about upcoming Nyack Library programs and news.

Episodes Date

In our very first episode, we discuss Halloween! Or more specifically, anything “spooky." Join hosts, Rosemary Farrell, Georgia Grandstaff, and Tracy Dunstan as we talk our favorite “scary” books, mov...
October 19, 2020
Are you a fan of spooky tales and things that go bump in the night? Check out our brand new podcast: Papercut: The Nyack Library Podcast. It will premiere its first episode on Monday, October 19th. Jo...
October 13, 2020

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